Usually, synchronizing versions will involve receiving versions from a remote JIRA that don't exist on your local JIRA.

This article shows how to sync fix versions between JIRA instances. 

Fortunately, Exalate provides a way to create versions from the scripts so we can handle this situation, by creating new versions on your system when necessary.

Source side

Add the code below in the Data Filter to send fix versions

//send the fix versions set on a synced issue
replica.fixVersions = issue.fixVersions
replica.affectedVersions = issue.affectedVersions

Destination side

Add the code to the Create/Change Processor to create the versions that do not exist on your side

// for the create processor, be sure that the project is set to the issue variable before running the following code
issue.projectKey = "Foo" //Included only on create processor

// assign fix versions from JIRA A to JIRA B
issue.fixVersions = replica
  // ensure that all the fixVersions are available on B
  .collect { v -> nodeHelper.createVersion(issue, v.name, v.description) }
// assign affected versions from JIRA A to JIRA B
issue.affectedVersions = replica
  .collect { v -> nodeHelper.createVersion(issue, v.name, v.description) }

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