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This article describes how to synchronize custom fields that have options as a value type. 

Jira has different custom field types with options:

  • Select list (Single choice)
  • Radio buttons (list of radio buttons)
  • Select list (Multiple choices)
  • Checkboxes (multiple choices)

Below you can find some examples on how to handle the most common cases related to the custom fields with option values.

Select list (single choice)

Custom fields with types Select List(single choice) and Radio buttons(single choice) have values of type Option

You can  apply the received option in different ways on your side:

  • set an option manually directly in the Sync Rules 

    issue.customFields."Hobby".value = "Running"

  • add the received value from the remote custom field into the local custom field

    If the received custom field does not have any values yet, you can still set a custom field with a default value as empty

    issue.customFields."Hobby".value = replica.customFields."Interest"?.value

  • Set a default option in case there's no value received from the remote side 

    issue.customFields."Hobby".value =	replica.customFields."Interest"?.value ?:  "Hobby"

  • Map options between instances 

    def hobbyMap = ["Futbol": "Soccer", "Beisbol": "Baseball"] // ["remote options" : "local option"]
    def remoteHobby = replica.customFields."Hobby"?.value?.value
    issue.customFields."Hobby".value = hobbyMap[remoteHobby] ?: remoteHobby

Select list (multiple choices)

Custom fields with types Select List(multiple choices) and Checkboxes(multiple choices) have values of type list of Options.

Below you can find some examples of how to handle custom field options in multi-value custom fields. 

  • Set an option value manually into the local custom field 

    issue.customFields."Multi Select Custom Field name".value = 
                    (issue.customFields."Multi Select Custom Field name".value ?: []) + 
                        nodeHelper.getOption(issue, "Multi Select Custom Field name", "MY STATIC OPTION")

  • add the value from the remote custom field Departments  into the local custom field Sub-divisions

    leave an empty field in case there's no option, received from the remote side

    issue.customFields."Sub-divisions".value = replica.customFields."Departments"?.value

  • Set a default option in case there's no value received from the remote side 

    You need to ensure that the value is an array of options.

    issue.customFields."Hobby".value = replica.customFields."Interest"?.value ?: ["Running"]

  • Map options in a select list

    def hobbyMap = ["Football": "Sports", "Baseball": "Basketball"]
    def remoteHobbies = replica.customFields."Hobby"?.value?.value
    issue.customFields."Hobby".value = remoteHobbies.collect{hobbyMap[it] ?: it}

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