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An issue security scheme is associated with a project, its security levels can be applied to issues in that project.

You can synchronize the issue security level as any other issue field.

This article provides description and scripts that help to synchronize issue security level. 

SecurityLevel issue field reference.

Source instance

Add the issue security level to your Outgoing sync to send it to the Destination Instance:

replica.securityLevel = issue.securityLevel

Destination instance 

There are two methods to get securityLevel from the source side. The method depends if the securityLevel names are identicals on both sides.

  • SecurityLevel names are identical on both sides

     Add the code below into the Incoming sync to add received security level field on the Destination side. 

issue.securityLevel = replica.securityLevel

  • SecurityLevel names don't match

Add the code below into the Incoming sync to map different security levels between Instances.

import com.exalate.basic.domain.hubobject.v1. BasicHubIssueSecurityLevel
issue.securityLevel = new BasicHubIssueSecurityLevel(null, "name", "description")


The proxy user needs to have permissions to access the security levels you are trying to set.

  • Please check that the proxy user has  access to  all the security levels
  • In the  permission scheme - ensure that the proxy user has 'Set Issue Security' permission