This article shows how to sync issue priority.

Source side

To send priority field data to the destination side add the code below to your incoming sync processor.

Outgoing sync (Data Filter)

replica.priority       = issue.priority

Destination side

Jira Cloud

def defaultPriority = nodeHelper.getPriority("Major")
issue.priority = nodeHelper.getPriority(replica.priority?.name) ?: defaultPriority

Jira Server 7.5 and lower

if (replica.assignee.displayName == "Steve Jobs") {
   issue.priority = nodeHelper.getPriority("Critical")

Jira Server 7.6 and higher

Use a nodeHelper.getPriority method to find local priority by the remote priorityName.

Incoming sync (Create/Change processor)

There are several ways to manage incoming sync data related to the priorities:


  • Find local priority by the remote priorityName. If there's no such priority on your side, don't sync the priority.

In this case, you need to be sure that both sides have the same priorities.

issue.priority = nodeHelper.getPriority(replica.priority?.name, issue)


  • Set a default priority if the local priority is not found by the remote priority name. 

issue.priority = nodeHelper.getPriority(replica.priority?.name, issue) ?: nodeHelper.getPriority('Major', issue)