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In some cases, you need to sync a certain type of issues into the specific project. Depending on the replica issue type or project key you can specify the condition in the script.

With Exalate, you can configure synchronization of the issue type, depending on the project. 

By using synchronization processors, you can define:

  • whether you want to send the project key or issue type from the Source Instance.  
  • what issue type and project are incoming issues created in. 

Use Case example

Imagine you are syncing with your partner. Your partner's instance is sending you some issue data, specified in their Outgoing sync. E.g. issue type and project key. 

You have certain requirements on how these incoming issues should be recorded on your side. Incoming sync allows configuring how incoming sync data should be created on your side.

Source side 

Outgoing sync

replica.key            = issue.key
replica.project        = issue.project
replica.type           = issue.type

Destination side 

  • If the issue they sent is of type Bug, create an issue with the type Test in the project Testers. In other cases create an issue with the type Task in the project Developers.

Incoming sync

if( == "Bug") {
  issue.projectKey   = "TESTERS"
  issue.typeName     = "Test" 
  issue.projectKey   = "DEVELOPERS"
  issue.typeName     = "Task"

  • If the issue they sent is of type Bug from the project SD, create an issue with the type Test in the project Testers. In other cases create an issue with the type Task in the project Developers.

Incoming sync

if(replica.project.key == "SD" && == "Bug") {
  issue.projectKey   = "TESTERS"
  issue.typeName     = "Test" 
  issue.projectKey   = "DEVELOPERS"
  issue.typeName     = "Task"

  • You can decide, which project to sync the issue, based on the received the issue project key from the source side:
    Incoming sync

issue.projectKey = projectMapping[replica.project.key]

You can use return in the Incoming sync rules before any property on the issue variable is changed.

For example, you can use if/else with a return if you don't want to sync issues that don't match the conditions specified above.

// no issue.XXX = YYY before the return below
// ...
if (
		"changes request", 
		"application upgrades", 
		"os patching"
	].any { it.equalsIgnoreCase(replica.type?.name) }) {
  issue.projectKey = "WHSUP"
} else if ("task".equalsIgnoreCase(replica.type?.name)) {
  issue.projectKey = "WHADM"
} else {

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