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This article shows an example of how to synchronize issue links on Jira Cloud.


Let's consider you already have the Connection configured between the Instances.

Now you need to configure issue links synchronization:

Configure Sync Rules with the scripts provided below:

Add the snippets below to the new line in the end of the existing scripts.

Source side

Outgoing sync

replica.issueLinks = issue.issueLinks

Destination side 

Incoming sync

issue.issueLinks = replica.issueLinks


  • You should separately synchronize all issues that are linked to a specific issue to keep an association between them on the Destination side.

    Sync between projects DEV and TEST;

    issue DEV-1 is linked to issue DEV-2;

    sync issue DEV-1 to TEST-1;

    TEST-1 still is not associated with any other issue

    sync issue DEV-2 to TEST-2;

    as a result, you will get a link between remote issues on the TEST project (TEST-1 and TEST-2)

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