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In this article, we describe how to synchronize Epics, including Epic link.

With Exalate, you can sync epics and stories, while keeping the parent-child relationship on the remote side.

 To keep parent-child relation between issues, you need to synchronize Epics first, then synchronize stories.


After you establish a connection between two Jira instances, you need to configure the Sync Rules.

The script works only when using scripting rules on Jira Cloud. It's not compatible with Exalate visual mode.

You can only map Epic name custom field in visual mode.

Outgoing sync

To send Epic information together with the epic link:

// Ensure that the Epic is synced first, such that stories sent later can be associated to the right epic
Incoming sync

To apply received Epic information to the end of the incoming sync:

// should be at the end of the incoming sync  script
Also, check out our video on how to sync epics in Jira Cloud:

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