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There are certain cases when you need to stop an issue synchronization at some point. The Exalate app has a built-in feature that helps to stop synchronizing an issue.

A typical use case is 'Move issue from one instance to another' which is actually the sequence:

  1. Exalate Issue
  2. Unexalate Issue
  3. Delete local issue 

This article shows how to stop issue synchronization. You can use different ways to achieve this.

1. Unexalate button

You can use Unexalate operation directly on an issue. More details.

Make sure that all synchronization messages have been processed before using Unexalate issue operation.

2. Post-function

JIRA includes several post functions that can be added to transitions. The Exalate app provides Unexalate Now post function. 
You can add it after a certain transition in the workflow on JIRA server and on JIRA Cloud.

3. With the help of API

Applicable only for JIRA Server.

More details.

You can also remove sync data by different criteria like an issue, a connection, or remove the whole synchronization info using clean-up tool.