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This article describes how you can configure the status synchronization between two identical software projects.

Setup projects

These projects have similar Jira default workflows with any-to-any transition.

Workflow on CloudWorkflow on Server


Let's consider you already have the Connection configured between two JIRA Instances, using the simple project template

This connection includes basic Sync Rules, which allows you to sync issue fields such as 

  • Summary
  • Description
  • Comments
  • Attachments

Now you need to adapt the change processor on both ends, such that the status of the local issue is transitioned. 

Incoming sync

Add the following code into the end of the change processor on both sides.

// transition the issue using the target status name

This is how it should look with the added code

issue.summary      = replica.summary
issue.description  = replica.description
issue.assignee     = nodeHelper.getUserByUsername(replica.assignee?.username)
issue.reporter     = nodeHelper.getUserByUsername(replica.reporter?.username)
issue.labels       = replica.labels
issue.comments     = commentHelper.mergeComments(issue, replica)
issue.attachments  = attachmentHelper.mergeAttachments(issue, replica)

// transition the issue using the target status name
workflowHelper.transition(issue, replica.status?.name)

This will only work if the workflows have the same configuration, and is based on global transitions