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Below you can find the steps on how to renew an evaluation license for Exalate from the Exalate admin console. With the evaluation license, you can sync up to 1000 issues per evaluation period.

Jira Cloud app licenses are managed by Atlassian directly. Contact Atlassian support to update Exalate licenses.

To renew an evaluation license:

1. Navigate to the License Details tab in the Exalate admin console.

2. Click  to remove the license.

3. Click Remove license key.

4. Click Start trial.

5. Enter your email.

You will receive the license key to the email you submitted.

6. Click Send.

The Exalate License Manager will send the evaluation license to your email.

7. Install the evaluation key.

You received an email with an evaluation key from the Exalate License Manager.

Below you can see how the message looks like.

How to install an evaluation license

  1. Copy the license key from the email.

  2. Access your Exalate admin console.

  3. Navigate to the License Details menu.

  4. Click License key.
  5. Paste the key into the License key field.

  6.  Click Update to save changes.


Check out our video on how to renew the evaluation license.