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This article shows how to copy the remote issue link from JIRA Server to a custom field in the twin issue on JIRA on destination instance..

Source side

Outgoings sync

replica.customKeys.remoteUrl = ""


You need to replace with your Jira Server url.

Destination side

  1. Create URL custom field. Let's name it Remote issue.

  2. Add the code below into the Create Processor to copy the remote issue link to the previously created custom field.
    Incoming sync

issue.customFields?."Remote Issue"?.value = replica.customKeys?.remoteUrl+"/browse/"+replica.key

"Remote issue" is the name of the custom field, you've created in the first step. You can change it to any custom name.

Congratulations! Now you know how to copy the remote issue link from JIRA Server to the custom fields on JIRA Cloud.

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