The connect facility provided by Exalate allows linking issues from two existing projects so that these are under sync and any future changes are automatically synchronized.

This connect facility requires:

  1. an existing Connection
  2. a mapping file with local and remote keys

Steps to bring the issues of 2 projects under sync are:

1Set up a Connection.Check the getting started guide.
2Creat a csv file mapping local issues with remote issues.

This CSV file is a comma-separated list of local keys with their corresponding remote key

The file content should look like:




3Access the Bulk Connect operation
Admin - Addon - Exalate - Bulk Connect

4Select Connection, upload the csv file and submit

The add-on will load the file and process line by line, ensuring that the local issue is properly related to the remote issue.

An error message will be returned when:

  • No connection is selected or no file has been provided
  • The format in the file is not correct (ie. missing local or remote key, more fields ...)
  • A local key cannot be found or is entered twice in the file

Synchronization issues are handled through the Error handling screens.


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