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Circular transitions are used in workflows to trigger post-functions without affecting the status of the issue.

These circular transitions can be made global, such that they can be used in whatever status an issue is.  The workflow diagram denotes such global circular transition as

In a nutshell, configuring such global circular transition is pretty straightforward

The steps to configure this any-to-any transition are as follows

  • Access the workflow you want to edit
  • Access the visual workflow designer
  • Add a transition

  • Edit the properties of the transition
    Make sure you set the 'from status' to 'Any status' and the 'to status' to 'itself'.  Provide a name 

  • Access the post functions of the transition and add a new postfunction

  • Choose the 'Exalate now post function' 

  • Select the correct relation (to be used when this issue needs to be exalated)

  • Ensure that the post-function is located after the 'reindex'