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This article shows how to add an external script on your server.

External scripts are groovy scripts/classes which can be reused in the connections.

For instance, by deploying following class, you will  be able to use the code in the incoming and outgoing processors

class HelloWorld {
      public static void greetings() {
             return "Hello World"


This can be used by adding in the processor

issue.description = HelloWorld.greetings()
Which will set the description to 'Hello World'

How to deploy

Custom scripts can only be deployed on Jira Server/Datacenter and nodes which are deployed through the docker deployment approach.

Jira Server<jira-home>/scripts
Jira Datacenter<jira-shared-home>/scripts
Docker based


Nodename one of

  • snownode
  • adnode
  • hpqcnode

Exalate cloud basedEvery cloud node comes with a set of precooked scripts as detailed in
External scripts with a bit of TLC

Custom scripts cannot be deployed in this environment.