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With Exalate, you can synchronize HP ALM defects with JIRA issues.

It's possible to synchronize HP ALM Instance with JIRA Cloud or with JIRA Server Instance(even if the JIRA Server instance is not accessible from the public network).

Exalate protocols are fully asynchronous, which implies that both ends must be able to initiate http(s) requests.

To set up a synchronization between HP ALM/QC and JIRA  instance you need the following components:

HP ALM/QC InstanceJIRA Instance
1HP ALM InstanceJIRA Instance

Exalate app for HP ALM/QC(installed on a separate Server)

Exalate app for JIRA, installed on the JIRA instance
3A network which allows unobstructed HTTP(S) based communication
4Valid Exalate license.

Configuration steps overview

  1. Install Exalate Server for HP ALM/QC
  2. Configure Exalate Server to communicate with  HP ALM/QC
  3. Install Exalate on JIRA Instance
  4. Set up Connection between the Exalate app for HP ALM/QC and Exalate for Jira
  5. Synchronize issues.

Check the getting started guide to configure the Exalate for HP ALM/QC.