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This page describes the Exalate administration menu. The administration panel provides access to main Exalate functionality and its configuration. 

Getting started

Includes more information on how to configure your first synchronization by a short step by step in-app guide.

General Settings

Basic app settings, which depend on the platform. More details.


The list of available connections between instances. If you don't have any connections yet, you can configure it under this tab. More details.

Issue Sync status

Allows to check the issue sync status. You can also start issue synchronization using this tool. More details.


Displays the list of errors when the synchronization is blocked. You can find and manage error details under this tab. More details.

Bulk Connect

The utility which helps to synchronize existing issues. You can create a simple mapping file to connect existing issues between instances. More details.


The utility which helps to configure automatic synchronization. More details.

Sync Queue

The utility which helps to monitor synchronization progress. More details.

License Details

Includes information about the Exalate network license. More details.

Clean-up Tools

The utility which helps to stop issue sync and remove sync information. Usually used to resolve unhandled synchronization problems. More details.

Exalate Notifications

You can add users to receive email notifications every time Exalate raises the synchronization error.