Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9

Exalate includes the Entity Sync status tab in the admin panel. 

This tab is available in Exalate for Jira Cloud, GitHub, Zendesk, HP ALM/QC, Azure DevOps and Servicenow.

You can check the synchronization status of an entity under this tab. 

For some platforms, Exalate allows synchronizing multiple entities. If it's your case, you need to select the entity type from the drop-down.

Specify the entity id to get detailed information about a particular issue. 

Exalate app for GitHub requires to select a repository from the drop-down and then input the issue ID to get the sync information about the issue.

This is how the search result looks in case the issue is not synchronized yet. You can start the synchronization directly from here.

In case the issue is already under synchronization you will see the issue status and the remote issue link in case it's available.

Also, you can check the local and remote replicas from here or stop the synchronization using Unexalate operation.