Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9

The Exalate app allows integration with the Confluence Cloud instances. You can sync confluence pages with Jira or other supported issue trackers.

This article describes the most common use cases. Check out the examples below.

Example Use Cases

  • Space Mirroring: Keep your Information Secure when Working with External Collaborators

As a confluence administrator, you need to share several pages from a confluence space with external collaborators. But your Confluence instance includes some sensitive information that you would like to keep secure. To avoid a huge liability to your company, you prefer not to share the access permissions. So you most likely have to configure a separate Confluence Cloud instance specifically for your external collaborators.

The Exalate app allows you to set up a synchronization between Confluence Cloud instances to share only the selected pages with your external collaborators. It will give you control of what information to share without running the risk of uncovering sensitive information.

Configuration steps:

  • Set up a connection between your Confluence Cloud and the Confluence Cloud used by the external collaborators.
  • Configure the synchronization behavior to automatically sync only the pages with the label external-collaboration.
  • Use labels to look up all the shared pages quickly.

  • Jira Software and Confluence Cloud Integration: Release Notes and Knowledge Notes

As a project manager, you need to automate the release notes publishing process in a software project. Every time the epic is released, you want to have a confluence page with the released notes. Exalate can automatically start the synchronization when the epic status changes to Released. Additionally, you can transfer a ticket description and other fields into a knowledge-based item with custom formatting. Groovy scripts help to configure the formatting in the Incoming sync rules.

Synchronization between Jira Software and Confluence Cloud works both ways. For example, the feature requirements from a confluence page are synced into an epic description.

Check out our getting started guide for more details about the Exalate configuration for Confluence Cloud.