Confluence has been updated to version 6.15.9


You can synchronize Confluence pages with Jira issues or any other supported issue tracking platforms

The Exalate app for Confluence Cloud has a distributed architecture. The app translates issue tracker based information (confluence page) to a common issue format and the other way around.

The Exalate protocols are fully asynchronous, which implies that both ends must be able to initiate http(s) requests. 

Exalate app for Confluence Cloud to Jira

For example, you can exchange data between Jira issue and Confluence page as following:

  • project ↔ space
  • summary ↔ page title
  • description ↔ page content
  • comments ↔ public comments
  • attachments ↔ attachments
  • labels ↔ labels
  • creator ↔ creator
  • watchers ↔ watchers
  • watches ↔ watches

It is possible to set the parent page for the incoming data on the confluence side. Check how to set the parent page for incoming sync article for more details.


  • attachments are not rendered on the confluence page, you can see them from page attachments screen
  • Confluence page elements that are not supported in the synchronization:
    • internal confluence links within the page content
    • page history
    • inline page comments
  • Confluence content includes HTML tags when syncing to other platforms. You can fix it using this guide.

For more details check typical use cases

Install Exalate

 How to install Exalate app

Install the add-on from the marketplace and accept the registration form.
  1. Log into your Confluence instance as an admin.
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Find new apps in the Atlassian Marketplace block
  4. Locate Exalate Issue Sync for Confluence & more
  5. Click Try it free to download and install your app
  6. You're all set!

Check Licensing and pricing for more details.

Set up a Connection

Synchronization between two instances requires a configured Connection.

One side needs to initiate the connection and send an invitation to the partner (the Destination instance). 

The other side needs to finish the configuration from their side. 

You can synchronize with any of the supported issue tracking platforms. For example, you can sync between Confluence Cloud and JIRA(Cloud or Server).

Exalate also allows syncing spaces locally within the same Confluence instance. 

You need to define the Confluence space key for the incoming data. 

To start synchronization with your partner - Initiate Connection

If you have an Invitation code - Accept an Invitation.

Synchronize an issue

To start page synchronization of Confluence pages you need to configure a trigger. It helps to synchronize pages according to the specified confluence search query

Configure the synchronization behavior of your use case with the help of Confluence configuration guides.