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To facilitate this procedure we created a Servicenow Application that is delivered as an xml File.
Servicenow calls such a file an "update set".

The update package - latest version can be found on our  repo - here

The file can be downloaded here

1. Go to System Update Sets →  Retrieved Update Sets

3. Upload the exalte_update_package.xml file

You can see the uploaded file in the Retrieved Update Sets list.

4. Open  Exalate set and click  Preview Update Set

If there are errors resolve them.

If local updates are newer than the once in the update set just accept the remote updates.


 5. Commit Update Set

 Now you should have the following items:

  • An ExalateIntegration User with the appropriate permissions to access your ServiceNow entitities
  • A link to the Exalate for ServiceNow Node

Next steps

1. Open the newly created Exalate Application  in the Menu Module

You can access this block as an admin and the exalate_admin roled accounts/users

2. Change the URL of the Exalate Server to your Exalate app URL 

You can change it under the Exalate Properties tab in the Exalate menu

3. Verify the Exalate Proxy User

The default password of the Exalate Proxy user is ExalateIntegrationSNOW. We recommend resetting the password for security reasons.

Now you can log into the Exalate app admin console with an admin or exalate_admin user. 

Exalated Incidents tab provides you an overview of the synchronized incidents.

What's next?

Configure Exalate for ServiceNow

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