Exalate app provides some utilities that help to stop issue sync and remove data about the synchronization on both sides. 

You can use Clean-up Tools in both cases:

  • when you want to stop issue sync
  • when you need to resolve unhandled synchronization problems 

For instance, it is possible to remove sync info on both sides by different criteria like an issue or a connection. The synchronization will be stopped immediately without processing sync requests that are in the Sync Queue.


The cleanup will be performed only on one side if the other side uses Exalate 4.1 and lower.

Cleanup by issue

You can stop the synchronization on a specific issue using its issue key. 

Cleanup by connection

You can stop the synchronization on all issues that are synced under a certain connection. 

Exalate generates the issue mapping .csv file automatically. The file is located in {$JIRA_HOME}/exports/ directory.

You can recognize the file by its name. It includes connection name, date and time data when it was generated.

mapping filename template
connect-${"ISSUE" or "RELATION" or "INSTANCE"}-${ $issueKey or $connectionName }-${ $currentDateTime.format("yyyyMMdd_HHmmss") }.csv

Here's an example of such file: connect-RELATION-A to B-20190425_122209.csv 


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