There is a simpler method to automatically exalate issues. You can configure it by using Triggers.


In addition to the operation menu option and the post-function, you can configure JIRA so that issues get exalated automatically when certain conditions are met. For instance, if you need to exalate an issue from the moment it gets assigned to a particular user.

To configure automation, use the free JIRA Automation add-on as provided by Atlassian:

  1. Install the JIRA Automation add-on.
  2. Adapt the workflow(s) so that a global any-to-any transition is available to exalate an issue.
  3. Configure the automation add-on so that the exalate transition is called whenever an issue is assigned to this particular user.

That's it.


We assume that you:

Configure an automation rule 

Check the video


  1. Access the automation add-on administration form.

       2. Add a new rule.

        3. Give it a name, and decide what user context will be used to apply the automation.

         4. Select the trigger.

    • Trigger - 'Issue Event Trigger'
    • Issue Events
      These should be all events which are raised when an assignee can be set such as 'Issue Created', 'Issue Updated', 'Issue assigned'.
    • JQL Expression
      Filter which selects the issues which must be escalated such as

      project = "CRM Front End" and assignee = and issue not in under_sync()
     5. Add an action.


    • Action is 'Transition issue action'.
    • Workflow transition is the global cyclic transition you created as part of the prerequisites.